Revenue Confessions – a Side Side Project

Revenue Confessions – a Side Side Project

After the big Taxi Explorer release last month I wanted to see the impact of the new monetization model – having no locked cities and showing ads. I know I had to start doing marketing and promotion for the app. I decided to postpone that for a while, just to have pure results from the monetization model change.

That’s how I took a break from Taxi Explorer for a month or two. During that time I decided to dig deeper into WordPress. I’ve already made a landing page and a blog (this one) on WordPress. Now it’s time for a simple web project.


Revenue Confessions gathers all kinds of online projects that have something in common: their founders reveal how much revenue they earn from their blog, website or application. Most of them are indie developers that started these projects as a side gig. Some of them grew them further to become their main occupation.

Many people refer to these revenues as “passive income”, though it’s hard for me to see the passiveness of software development, marketing or writing a blog. As if you put a toll booth on a road and start collecting taxes instantly. Then spend the rest of your life having fun with friends and travelling the world. In reality the toll booth is hard to build, you need to inspire a community to pass by your booth and you need to actively maintain the road. It seems quite active passive income to me.

Getting into the list is easy. It is enough to write a single sentence on your blog, public forum or social network – “Hello, I’m the developer of Antarctica Weather App for iOS and my revenue is $2000 per month”. This will provide you with two links in the confessions table – one to the Antarctica Weather App homepage and one to the data source. These are the minimum requirements, however the deeper details and insights revealed the better. Just look at these brilliant stories from Matthew Woodward, Gabriel Hauber or Curtis Herbert. That kind of stories inspired me to start this project.

I like to read such stories and I collect them as bookmarks. It occurred to me I can share these links in a blog post here – just like Mikael Uusitalo did with his roundup of 99 income reports. Then I had second thoughts – this compilation deserved more than a list fixed in size and in time. Let’s kick it off as a stand-alone project and see if it lives.

My main focus after the launch is to promote the site and gather as much feedback as possible. This is a big challenge for me, as I’ve never done such thing before. Keep your fingers crossed.

Another goal is to play with various forms of advertisement – text, banners, affiliate links. Since the main topic are revenue stats, I intend to confess its own revenue and traffic numbers in regular monthly reports.

It’s just the beginning. Go check and subscribe for the newsletter or follow it in the social networks to see what happens next.

3 thoughts on “Revenue Confessions – a Side Side Project

  1. Hi, you listed me on RC so I headed over to check it out. The site is really nice-looking and I love income reports and sites about people hustling. I’ve clicked through quite a few of your links already. Found some interesting stuff going on.

    But I don’t get your income model – best case scenario people coming to your site then immediately clicking through to OTHER sites they find interesting. Right?

  2. Hi Andrew, thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me in this early stage – Revenue Confessions project is barely one month old and there aren’t many visitors stopping by.

    My income model for RC is simple – it relies on ads, just like any blog. I’ll turn them on as soon as the real visitors outnumber the spambots. I also aim at publishing useful content and monetizing it through affiliate links.

    I’m not looking for immediate profit though. My main goal is to build a helpful site. If you have ideas on how I can make RC more convenient and functional to you I’d love to hear – either in the comments or at my email.

    I hope you’re on track to achieve early retirement. I’m looking forward to your next income report.

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