Who’s This Guy Good Bad Vlad

Who’s This Guy Good Bad Vlad

Hi, my name is Vlad. If you come from my About page, you’ve already seen few samples for what I’m good at and what I’m bad at. Let me put them in order, starting with the good part.

First of all, I’m a father of two children. I really hope I’m a good father and husband. Family is top priority for me.

Second in my list comes what I do. I have a full time job as a software developer. I like the projects I work on together with so many talented people around me.

dm-pl_palmvThough I’m currently working on apps for iOS, I’ve been doing programming for mobile devices ever since Palm V. If I have to rate my C++ skills on the scale from 1 to 10, I would be 12. Just kidding, I’ve never written a perfect piece of code. I try to do my best, but I know there is always room for improvement.

Enough bragging, I’m not writing an autobiography here. I like exploring areas that I’m not skilled at and learning new things. I play with small side projects of mine and they will be the center topic of this blog. These side projects touch on areas I’m bad at.

I’ve never programmed for Android devices. I’m bad at web programming. I can write basic html, I can edit css with Google’s help and I know the basics of php and javascript. AngularJS, jQuery, React and all the other countless javascript frameworks are totally unknown to me. CMS, and specifically WordPress, plugins and themes is another grey area. I’d hardly imagine I would write WP plugins some day, but I want to feel comfortable using WordPress themes and modifying minor details.

Lack of software development knowledge does not scare me at all. As I said I enjoy learning and I can cope with gaining skills in web programming or WordPress. Outside software development I face bigger challenges.

I’m clueless about SEO and ASO. I have no idea about the good practices to drive more traffic to a site or a mobile app.

My communication and marketing skills are quite poor. Like many people, I used to think that the quality of a product makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful projects. A high quality product or service would inevitably become popular because the satisfied customers would spread the word. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Now I know about the importance of marketing. The only problem is doing sales and marketing efforts pushes me way out of my comfort zone. Time will tell whether regular iterations wll make doing them more bearable for me.

Being good at marketing requires decent writing. It took me three hours and a half to finish this short post. That says enough for my poor writing skills. Writing essays was the single most annoying thing for me at school. What better way to improve writing than starting a blog?

Most people write blogs about the skills they’ve mastered. Their content is insightful and informative and easily become popular. They gather huge audience and soon after that they publish a book “How to earn a million dollars from your blog”. I intend to do exactly the opposite. I’ll write about the things I don’t know and I’m bad at. Like a travel blog, I’ll describe my journeys out of my comfort zone. Maybe someday my book will be titled “How to bore to death your friends and family”. Let’s see.

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